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Sheds & Outdoor Structures

Is a permit required in Rhode Island townships to put up a gazebo, pergola, or shed?

We recommend contacting your local township office for information on permits. Typically, any structure larger than 8×8 or 64 sq. ft. is required to have a permit and sheds larger than 200 sq. ft. (12×16/10×20 just under) require cement footings or a cement slab.

Do Lakeside Trading sheds and outdoor structures come with a warranty?

Yes! Our sheds and outdoor structures all come with a 10-year workmanship warranty that covers any manufacturing defects.

Is my yard big enough for the structure I want?

We’re happy to come out a do a site check to provide advice and answer any questions you have in person free of charge.

Have a vinyl fence, stone wall, big trees or other obstacles limiting access?

Our structures can be built on site to overcome any obstacle. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

Will Lakeside remove my old shed?

Yes! It would be our pleasure to haul away your old shed to make room for a new one. Email pictures of your old shed to us with details about accessibility for us to provide an estimate.

Patio Furniture

What material is your outdoor furniture made from?

The Amish furniture makers who supply us use recycled #2 plastic (soda bottles & milk jugs), 100% marine-grade stainless steel hardware, and UV inhibitors in the color dye mix. This combination adds up to poly furniture that’s virtually maintenance free and very easy to own.

Our wood furniture is made with premium grade pressure treated southern yellow pine that holds up great to the elements as well.

How do you clean poly furniture?

Usually soap and water do the trick, but a Magic Eraser always helps. We’ve also found that Star Brite cleaner works great, especially on white poly furniture.

Delivery & Installation

Do you install and set up sheds & outdoor structures (swingsets, gazebos, pavilions, etc.)?

Delivery and installation are free with any shed or outdoor structure purchase. Our in-house team has experience installing thousands of items and will set up and place your shed or structure exactly where you’d like.

What kind of site prep needs to be done for a shed?

If the spot where your shed is going is fairly level (within 12”) the concrete block which we provide will work great as a foundation, and also allows air to pass underneath the shed keeping the floor dry (very important for longevity of building!).

For spots more than 12” out of level, we like to come take a look ourselves or at least see pictures. To level the area out we can add more and/or larger blocks under the shed, build a stone pad, boulder retaining wall or do some light excavation. Give us a call to schedule a free site check if you think your area needs some site preparation.


What are typical price ranges for a shed?

8×8 sheds start around $3k. The popular sizes 10×12 and 10×14 have a price range of $4.5k-$7k. The very popular 12x16s start at under $8k. Pricing includes one piece delivery and installation in RI.

How much are your Adirondack chairs?

$429 and up for Poly Adirondacks and just over $250 for Wood. Many of the Adirondacks we carry in stock fold up for easy transport and storage. We have many colors and styles to choose from.

How much does it cost to install an outdoor structure?

Installation within RI and just over the border is included in the purchase price.

In-Stock vs. Custom Order Lead Times

How long does delivery usually take?

Stock items usually ship within 1-2 weeks depending on type of item and your location.

Custom order lead times vary depending on type of item and seasonality so please give us a call to check the status, but the average lead time is 6-8 weeks. COVID has increased some lead times significantly.

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